Top 5 Tips When Dealing with Fire Damage Restoration

October 22, 2021

Fire accidents usually strike when you least expect them, from anywhere, and out of the most unprecedented triggers. They are just that—accidents—they strike without warning. The worst part is that you can never be surefire safe from them, even with the most advanced smoke detectors and fire prevention technologies. That’s why it’s essential to have a fire damage restoration plan.

Infernos are probably one of the worst tragedies that can befall anyone. They can leave you traumatized, discouraged, and feeling helpless, especially if you don’t have a contingency restoration plan. While we genuinely hope that you never find yourself in the middle of a fire accident, we cannot insist enough on the vitality of being prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Fire Damage Restoration

Here are the top five tips when dealing with fire accident restoration:

Call Your Insurance Agent

Once you’ve ensured everybody is safe, the next step is informing your insurance provider of the accent. The earlier you make this call, the better. Some agents even have time limits, after which they cannot accept fire accident claims.

In the call, provide the insurance provider with all the details, such as:

 • Your name and insurance plan

 • When the fire began

 • What caused the inferno if you already know (Avoid accepting liability as much as possible)

 • Any casualties

 • Items lost

 • Whether you managed to put out the fire, after how long, and how

 • Any other information that the agent asks for.

Next, discuss your insurance coverage’s details. Confirm if there are any inclusions that you could have overlooked and any remedial courses. For instance, does the insurance cover temporary accommodation assistance? Will the agent offer living aid as you get back on your feet? It’s also essential to review the claims process and any options for expediting it.

Above all, inform the agent of your remediation plans and how you expect them to chip in to help the recovery process. Do not take any action before you get a go-ahead from the insurance provider.

Keep Records of All Damaged Items

Fire reports from the local fire departments are essential to your insurance claim. The agent may want to ascertain the veracity of where the accident occurred, the date, what caused it (if known), time, and the losses that you incurred, and your word may not be enough. Fire reports from the fire department contain all this information and any other data that the provider may ask to process the claim.

In most states, fire reports are public documents. That means that the insurance provider can request a copy without any problem. But, there’s no harm in acquiring the report by yourself and submitting it to the agent, especially if you want to hasten the claims process.

Handle Debris with Caution

Now that you’ve officially begun the claims process and the insurance agent has confirmed your accounts of losses, the next step is handling the debris. Proceed with caution to avoid incurring any further damages.

Look out for sharp objects such as nails extending from burnt timbers, dangerous gases, hot surfaces, debris dangerously lying over one another, and anything that may expose you to more danger. Remember you’ve already initiated the claims process. So, any subsequent injuries will be at your expense.

Discard Dangerous Items

Finally, you need to remove dangerous items from the burnt site. Separate the damaged items from those that you can reuse. Store the undamaged or restorable things safely and discard the rest. Unless you’re an expert in this field, we recommend listing the services of a restoration company to handle the dangerous items.

Contact Reputable Restoration Company

As you must have noticed, the fire damage restoration process can be pretty hands-on and time-consuming. Considering the shock from the accident and the strain to get back to your regular schedule, you’re likely to be overwhelmed.

But you don’t always have to do it the hard way. Working with a professional company like Insight Restoration can significantly make the recovery process more bearable. We handle everything from initiating and following up on your insurance claims, discarding the debris, and overseeing the rebuilding process. New Paragraph

If you have been affected by a fire and are seeking fire restoration service, please call Insight Restoration at 763-401-6157.

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