No matter the size of the job we have the expertise, equipment and teams to take care of all of your fire damage restoration needs.

Plymouth, MN Fire Damage Restoration

Don’t try to confront fire damage on your own! Call (763) 205-6584 for expert fire damage restoration to recover your property and mitigate future fires.

You have more on your mind than fixing your property when a fire happens. We help Minneapolis area families and businesses focus on other aspects of post-fire recovery while we handle the building restoration.

Insight Restoration keeps IICRC-certified technicians on hand 24/7 for residential and commercial fire damage restoration. No matter the size of the fire, we evaluate the property and restore it to pre-loss conditions as best as possible.

Actions Immediately After a Fire

Once the fire department has deemed your property safe to return, we advise you to call your insurance company. Most commercial and homeowners insurance includes fire damage coverage, which will help pay for property damage. Call us around the same time, as we can negotiate an estimate on-site with the reviewer from your insurance provider.

If you record fire damage photos for your records, be careful not to spread soot by touching cloth items. Also, do not clean anything before we or the insurance adjuster create an estimate. We want you to receive maximum assistance.

The Fire Damage Cleanup Process

The best time to start the fire damage restoration process begins 24 hours after the fire. The smoke and soot have settled by this time, making breathing safer, though we still suggest masking up.

Our fire damage restoration team follows a general set of steps:

1.    Boarding and tarping: Our team sets up a roof tarp and boards broken windows to prevent further damage. This process also makes the space safer to move around in.

2.    Packing and storage: Insight Restoration packs your personal belongings and places them in storage to preserve your items. We document each item we store to ensure its safe return to your property.

3.    Cleanup: We swiftly begin fire damage cleanup services only our IICRC-certified technicians should do, including but not limited to:

  •     Temporary 24/7 property security
  •     Water and soot removal
  •     Structural demolition
  •     Thorough property cleaning
  •     Odor removal

4.    Structural restoration: Once we have eliminated fire-damaged materials and smoke odors, our team begins helping restore your property. We replace damaged parts and ensure the remaining structures can support the property.

Fire Damage Mitigation Tactics for Your Property

One crucial factor of fire damage restoration involves utilizing knowledge and tactics to prevent or limit a future fire. We highly advise installing these useful tools or following specific house rules to protect yourself and your family.

Reduce Flames Onsite

Candles, matches, and lighters, among other tools, can increase the chances of fire damage. We suggest reducing or removing these items from your home or business.

Fire Extinguishers

By Minnesota law, most businesses and communal residential properties must have a fire extinguisher. However, single-family homes do not have this requirement. Regardless of your property type, having a fire extinguisher can greatly reduce any fire damage restoration.

Sprinkler Systems and Smoke Detectors

These tools go hand-in-hand for fire damage mitigation. The smoke detector alerts residents or employees to the presence of a fire before it becomes harder to control. With a fire extinguisher nearby, you can put out the fire early.

Otherwise, fire sprinklers can considerably reduce property damage, sometimes as much as 90%. Having a sprinkler system also tends to reduce insurance premiums.

Call a Fire Restoration Company You Can Trust

Insight Restoration, LLC maintains IICRC certification to provide the utmost care and safety to residents in and around Plymouth, MN. We work with all insurance companies and carry out the highest fire damage restoration standards with each job. Call (763) 205-6584 for 24-hour assistance from our team.

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