Bloomington Commercial Damage Restoration

No matter how much you prepare for disaster to strike, you may end up feeling helpless in the aftermath of a storm, flood, or fire. Without Bloomington commercial damage restoration from Insight Restoration, you could spend weeks cleaning up the damage. 

We provide fire restoration, commercial water damage restoration, and even document freeze drying so you don’t lose sensitive information due to water damage. Our team knows that the time after a disaster is stressful and overwhelming, and we do our best to relieve the burden of cleaning up damage to your commercial building.

Commercial Restoration Service in the Aftermath of Disaster

When you walk into your commercial building and see damage after a catastrophic event, you may not know what to do at first. It’s natural to feel shocked and helpless as you navigate the future of your business. Calling Insight Restoration as soon as possible will allow our team to arrive quickly and assess the damage before it grows any larger.

Our team of restoration experts has real-world experience with commercial restoration services, and we will guide you through our restoration plan with the empathy you need. We will provide you with a full damage assessment and a working timeline so you can begin planning the future of your business. We will do our best to address your concerns and answer all questions during our initial walkthrough of your commercial building.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage could come from a flash flood, hidden leak, or burst pipe. Standing water is an obvious problem, but hidden water damage can cause extensive issues, from electrical problems to a mold infestation that takes over the entire building, causing serious health problems for your staff.

Our commercial restoration company provides industrial equipment like dehumidifiers, vacuums, and fans to rid your space of excess water and reduce the humidity level.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is more than just charred furniture and destroyed equipment inside your commercial property. Secondary damage occurs when overhead sprinklers or firefighters extinguish the fire. Smoke can infiltrate the entire building, even in areas away from the fire, and cause respiratory problems weeks later. 

The Bloomington commercial damage restoration team with Insight Restoration will examine the entire building for damage the untrained eye may miss after a tragedy, and we will provide comprehensive service to restore your building.

Commercial Mold Mitigation 

When disaster strikes your commercial building, mold spores thrive in the dark, wet environment, quickly forming colonies in ductwork, inside walls, and in other hidden areas. Mold infestation causes all kinds of problems for property owners and the people who spend time inside the building every day. Mold exposure can cause worsening allergy symptoms and respiratory problems that continue until you schedule professional mold mitigation service.

Document Freeze Drying

When your building sustains water damage, you could end up losing sensitive information if your documents get wet. Our commercial restoration services include document freeze drying, which is a huge relief when you discover contracts, historical documents, or even vintage clothing soaking in puddles of murky water. 

Our process works with many materials, including newspapers, artwork, and even some types of film. We know confidence is key, and we complete the freeze drying process without compromising any sensitive information. Before you toss out damaged documents, let us do what we can to restore them as much as possible.

Natural disasters, floods, and fires could strike at any time, causing damage that halts your daily operations for weeks. Scheduling service from our Bloomington commercial damage restoration team will alleviate some of the stress as we go through the commercial mold remediation process, freeze dry confidential documents, or check your building for hidden fire damage.We offer 24-hour service to begin handling damage as soon as it occurs. Fill out our online form or call (763) 205-6584 for service in Bloomington, MN, and the surrounding areas.

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