Apple Valley Commercial Damage Restoration

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When a fire, flood, or other disaster impacts your Apple Valley business, the cleanup and recovery process can be daunting. You may face a lengthy business interruption that affects you, your employees, and your customers. Our team at Insight Restoration specializes in Apple Valley commercial damage restoration and will come to your rescue. 

We work efficiently to get your business back up and running because we understand how important your business is to the Apple Valley, MN, community. We do everything in our power to restore it after a disaster, whether that means drying out water damage, removing mold, or addressing soot and fire damage. Our experts have extensive training and understand the correct techniques for restoring commercial properties. 

We respond fast and waste no time getting to work so you can resume your business operations. Discover why we’re the #1 choice for local business owners facing setbacks from fires, floods, and more. Our Minneapolis commercial damage restoration services are just a phone call away when you need trusted restoration pros who can do the job right to get your business back on its feet.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Even the slightest amount of water can wreak havoc on commercial properties. When major flooding occurs, the damage can be overwhelming. Our team is standing by to restore your business to its previous condition. 

We tackle water damage cleanup by following a set checklist, which includes:

  • Removing excess water
  • Detecting hidden water leaks
  • Drying all surfaces
  • Sanitizing the area 
  • Restoring damaged items and structures

Our staff has the proper safety equipment to handle any mold, asbestos, or other hazardous material during flood cleanup and recovery. We’re the team to call whether your business sustains water damage due to natural disasters or plumbing mishaps. 

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Businesses with fire and smoke damage are difficult to restore, but our specialists know exactly how to make them look like new. We deploy the following steps when cleaning up after a fire:

  • Tarping the roof and boarding the windows: This enhances the building’s safety and prevents further damage. 
  • Packing and storing loose items: We’ll store any furniture or loose objects that survive the fire and return them after the project. 
  • Cleaning and removing odors: We remove any soot or smoke residue, deodorize the space, and prepare the structure for rebuilding. 
  • Restoring structural damage: Finally, we replace any damaged walls or other surfaces so you can return to business. 

Commercial Mold Mitigation

If your building suffers water damage, you’ll likely need mold and environmental remediation services. We include this in our Apple Valley commercial damage restoration services to give you peace of mind. But just how important is mold mitigation? 

Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture and create a dangerous indoor environment. Exposure poses serious health risks and respiratory problems. We aim to make your building safe with proven decontamination methods and moisture control. 

We’ll address mold during water damage restoration and handle mold remediation as its own service. Contact us when you smell any foul odors throughout your building, feel ill, or notice any dark splotches along your ceiling or walls. 

Document Freeze Drying

No matter what type of business you run, there’s a good chance the building contains important documents and records. In the aftermath of a disaster, don’t assume that your valuable documents are unsalvageable. We provide freeze-drying services to save precious items, business records, and other paperwork.

Say you need Maple Grove commercial damage restoration services after your building floods. Let our team know if there are important business records, sensitive documents, or other vulnerable items among the damage. We’ll quickly recover these items and place them in a vacuum-freeze drying chamber to remove moisture and restore the document.We’re the only Apple Valley commercial damage restoration company you can trust for such extensive projects. We care about your business just as much as you do. Call Insight Restoration at (763) 205-6584 when you need an experienced crew to handle any disaster recovery project. 

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