Excelsior, MN Commercial Damage Restoration

April 25, 2023

Insight Restoration is the Excelsior commercial damage restoration team that businesses in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area depend upon for water damage, fire and smoke damage, and mold remediation services. Our project management expertise allows us to handle complex cases quickly and keep costs down by employing the most effective technology and highly-trained personnel.

We understand how uncertain life can seem in the wake of any disaster, especially one that threatens your livelihood. That is why you can count on us for compassionate, respectful, and patient customer service, as well as honesty and transparency throughout the damage restoration process. We work with insurance companies to get you the support you need to rebuild your business.

The Comprehensive Damage Restoration Services You Need

Fire is a common and often devastating occurrence for businesses. Fires claimed over 125,000 non-residential structures in 2021, causing billions of dollars in damage. Even if you are diligent in following industry best practices for fire safety, your business could face significant losses if a fire does break out.

One of the reasons commercial fire damage restoration is a challenge best left to experienced professionals is that fire damage presents a triple threat of fire damage, water damage, and mold damage. To contain a blaze, firefighters will often need to douse the affected areas with copious volumes of water. This drains through the property and can cause damage that is wider in scale and severity than the direct impact of the fire. 

The experienced Excelsior commercial damage restoration technicians at Insight Restoration know how to tackle the entirety of the threat posed by fire damage without overlooking hidden dangers.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be catastrophic for commercial properties, especially when water damages electrical equipment, triggers mold growth, and mixes with chemicals or other materials onsite. Water damage restoration and mitigation can be a complex, tricky business. Attempting water restoration as a DIY project or turning to a general contractor could lead to the risks of personal injury and incomplete restoration. This, in turn, could lead to higher damage restoration costs in the future.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

According to FEMA, the rate of fires is increasing, and fire damage costs nonresidential property owners over $3 billion in 2020. If your business sustains fire damage, the restoration costs could increase if you do not repair damaged areas promptly. If your fire damage affects structures that customers see or that are necessary for business operations, you could be losing revenue and customers each day that you allow the damage to persist.

Commercial Mold Mitigation

One hidden danger of fire or flood damage is mold. Mold grows best in moist, humid, warm environments, which can exist after floodwaters retreat, firefighters extinguish fires, and roofers have repaired any leaks. The Excelsior commercial damage restoration specialists at Insight Restoration can detect and eradicate moisture and water-damaged materials that harbor mold.  

The Insight Restoration mold mitigation specialists use the latest equipment to dry out parts of your business that could harbor mold. Our experts use commercial-grade air filters to prevent mold spores and other debris from spreading through the air and contaminating other parts of your property.

Document Freeze Drying

One of the most pressing concerns that business owners have when they suffer water damage is the loss of paper financial records. At Insight Restoration, we recommend that businesses protect essential documents, store them in fire-safe and waterproof locations, and back them up whenever possible. 

If water damage left your business records waterlogged, there might still be help. Our document freeze-drying process at Insight Restoration removes the water through the process of sublimation. Because sublimation skips over the liquid water stage, it protects the paper from further degradation, rot, and mold growth.Insight Restoration is the leading commercial water damage restoration company. For Excelsior commercial damage restoration, call 763-205-6584. Contact us for an emergency response if your business sustains damage from a fire, flood, or another adverse event.

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